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Chemical Compound Review

Olympus     sodiumN-(2- methoxycarbonylphenyl) sulfonyl...

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Disease relevance of Olympus


High impact information on Olympus

  • The gravitational potential signature of Tharsis is approximately axisymmetric and contains the Tharsis Montes but not the Olympus Mons or Alba Patera volcanoes [6].
  • METHODS: Forty-five patients with pancreatic lesions (22 males and 23 females) underwent staging with the Olympus EUM-20 (Olympus America Corp, Melville, NY) followed by EUS-RTFNA with the Pentax FG-32PUA (Pentax-Precision Instrument Corp, Orangeburg, NY) and the 22-gauge GIP needle (GIP Medizin Technik, Grassau, Germany) [7].
  • METHODS: Consecutive patients detected with columnar mucosa in the distal oesophagus were studied using an Olympus magnification endoscope (GIF-Q16OZ, 115x) [8].
  • The feasibility of introducing a 5F Olympus Ultrathin fiberscope into the obstructed right coronary artery in five patients after routine cardiac catheterization by the brachial approach was therefore tested [9].
  • The Iatron, Olympus, and Wako methods demonstrated prozone effects at hs-CRP concentrations of 12, 206, and 117 mg/L, respectively. hs-CRP concentrations demarcating each quartile in a healthy population were method-dependent [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Olympus


Biological context of Olympus

  • The hybridizations were analyzed using an Olympus fluorescence microscope and the ISIS digital image analysis system to identify gain or loss of genetic material [12].
  • Recently, Olympus has marketed a new clip (HX-3L) designed by the author for hemostasis in cases of gastrointestinal bleeding [13].
  • The optimum condition for Feulgen hydrolysis of the specimens was determined, and all smears were hydrolysed in 1 N HCl for 5 min at 60 degrees C. After the Feulgen reaction, the pararosaniline-DNA fluorescence was measured with an epi-illumination cytofluorometer (Olympus AH-QRFL) [14].
  • In 6 of 24 infants studied (27th-40th weeks of gestation), acquired and congenital structural anomalies of the airways were detected with an ultrathin flexible fiberscope (Olympus PF18 S, 1.8 mm) [15].
  • Different digital cameras frequently used in plastic surgery practices (Olympus 600DL, Olympus 2500, Sony DSC-D700, Nikon Coolpix 950, and Nikon D1) were evaluated, using a subject photographed with each camera in the identical lighting conditions, to determine inherent differences in quality, color, and contrast of the resultant photographs [16].

Anatomical context of Olympus

  • Experience with the Olympus basket mechanical lithotriptor (BML-1Q) in crushing large common bile duct stones before their endoscopic removal is reported [17].
  • METHODS: We used the Olympus mother-baby endoscopy system at the University of Chicago and at one of its affiliated hospitals to examine and treat selected lesions in the biliary tree that had eluded successful diagnosis or treatment by standard means [18].
  • The Olympus EU-M3 endoscopic ultrasound system was used to assess depth of penetration through rectal wall layers and to identify lymph nodes [19].
  • After routine bowel preparation, colonoscopy was performed with the proximal end of a solid state pressure transducer catheter (four sensors each separated by 10 cm) tethered to the splenic flexure using endoclips (Olympus) [20].
  • The tip of an Olympus LF-2 intubating fibrescope was successfully negotiated in the trachea alongside the original tube with its cuff deflated [21].

Associations of Olympus with other chemical compounds

  • The first device consists of an Olympus 20 MHz ultrasound transducer placed next to a latex balloon catheter attached to a pressure transducer [22].
  • The fibreoptic bronchoscope was disinfected by automated washing machine (EW-20, Olympus) using 2.3% glutaraldehyde according to a standard protocol [23].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: We compared the effects of 11 Nitinol baskets on irrigation flow and deflection of three flexible ureteroscopes (Olympus P3, ACMI DUR8, and ACMI DUR8 Elite) [24].
  • Samples were screened using the Syva EMIT d.a.u. 1.0 assay for propoxyphene on the Olympus 5131, and all presumptive positives were prepared for confirmation by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry on Hewlett-Packard instruments [25].
  • As a result, analytical performance, including linearity, imprecision values, and determination from 185 clinical samples, are not affected by the type of sampling, validating the use of heparin plasma samples for CRP and hs-CRP determination with Olympus reagents [26].

Gene context of Olympus

  • Unbiased estimates of the total number of nigral TH ir neurons, using stereological methods involving the optical disector (Olympus), showed that the MPTP-induced reduction in the number of nigral TH ir nerve cell bodies counterstained with cresyl violet (CV; by 56%) was partially counteracted by the FGF-2 treatment (by 26%) [27].
  • Measurement of CSF total protein in the Olympus Demand Analyzer [28].
  • This approach was obtained from the freeware computer program 'Image Arithmetic'. In a test, three different consumer-type digital cameras (Sony, Nikon, Olympus) on different microscopes were used to obtain images of different types of histological specimens (cervical smear, bone marrow biopsy, and colonic biopsy) [29].
  • Following a standard Abram's needle biopsy, the LTF thoracoscope was inserted through a flexible introducer (Olympus Optical Co Ltd; Tokyo, Japan) [30].
  • The most robust MAbs were DuPont p24 and Olympus p55, which produced excellent staining regardless of the fixative used [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Olympus

  • The endoscope sheath was shown to have screening properties, with a transmission factor of about 30% for the Olympus JFB-1 and about 11% for the JFB-2 and JFB-3 instruments [32].
  • METHODS: Eighty two patients underwent magnification chromoscopic colonoscopy using the Olympus CF240Z by a single endoscopist [33].
  • The actual dose received by the fibre bundle of an Olympus JFB-2 duodenoscope was 0.084 R per ERCP and the mean dose-length product to the fibre bundle was calculated as 0.028 Rm per ERCP [32].
  • An endoscopic washing pipe (Olympus) that can be inserted into the channel of a bronchoscope was used [34].
  • Evaluation of the Olympus PK310 automated enzyme immunoassay system [35].


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