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Wife abuse as it affects work behavior in a center for mentally retarded persons.

This study examined differences between conjugally abused and nonabused female employees at a state-supported ICF/MR residential facility in relation to the potential for client abuse, absenteeism rates, and performance ratings. The research was conducted at a rural institution for mentally retarded persons at which approximately 72% of the workforce was female. A survey package composed of demographic questions, the Child Abuse Potential Inventory (Milner, 1980), and other self-report questions that concerned abuse was distributed to all permanent female employees. The survey return rate was 31.7%. Analysis of the data indicated a significant difference between CAP scores for emotionally and physically abused women and their nonabused counterparts (p less than .01). When a CAP score of 215 was used as a cut-off, 44% of the abused women were classified into the potential abuser category. No significant differences were revealed between categories of abuse and measures of absenteeism or performance appraisal scores.[1]


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