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Battered Women

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Psychiatry related information on Battered Women


High impact information on Battered Women

  • In the ACTH(1-24) stimulation test, abused women without major depressive disorder exhibited lower baseline and stimulated plasma cortisol concentrations [4].
  • RESULTS: Abused women smoked more cigarettes (p<0.0001) and took more prescription drugs (p<0.03) and antidepressants (p>0.05) than nonabused women; they were more likely to have epilepsy (p=0.0002) and asthma (p=0.0018), and also they used social work services more often (p>0.0001) [5].
  • As a result of a 1990 Supreme Court of Canada decision, battered woman syndrome defense is now accepted as a legitimate extension of self-defense in Canadian courts [6].
  • Perceived positive aspects of intimate relationships among abused women in methadone maintenance treatment programs (MMTP) [7].
  • A higher proportion of abused women reported a history of regular crack, cocaine, or heroin use and visiting shooting galleries or crack houses [8].

Anatomical context of Battered Women


Associations of Battered Women with chemical compounds

  • As a result of the federal Family Violence Option, most state welfare plans allow battered women on welfare more time and specialized services before mandating work in order to keep them and their children safe [9].

Gene context of Battered Women

  • Battered women: a nursing perspective. Part I [10].
  • Relations between Hand Test variables and the psychological characteristics and behaviors of battered women [11].
  • Two groups of women enrolled in a comprehensive perinatal addiction program were studied: 7 women abused PCP prior to and during pregnancy, and these women were compared to a group of 27 drug-free women [12].
  • An Assessment and Service Planning Guide (ASPG) is proposed for inclusion in routine health care of abused women [13].


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