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Cholestyramine as an antidote against paracetamol-induced hepato- and nephrotoxicity in the rat.

Besides hepatotoxicity, paracetamol may exert nephrotoxic effects in experimental animals and man. The present study in rats shows that cholestyramine given 4 and 24 h after paracetamol provided protection against both hepato- and nephrotoxicity; this was evidenced by reduced increments in plasma enzyme activities ( SDH, GPT), indicating liver damage, and diminished retention of plasma and creatinine, indicating renal failure. The recovery of paracetamol and its conjugates in urine was markedly reduced by cholestyramine at 24-48 h after treatment. The protective effects of cholestyramine are explained by adsorption of paracetamol and conjugates in the intestine undergoing biliary excretion and enterohepatic circulation.[1]


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