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Effect of absorption promoters in intranasal administration of human fibroblast interferon as a powder dosage form in rabbits.

The utility of the absorption promoters, sodium glycocholate (GC-Na), ethylenediamine dihydrochloride (EDTA-2Na), sodium caprylate (Cap-Na) and sodium salicylate (Sal-Na), in the intranasal administration of human fibroblast interferon-beta (HuIFN-beta) in rabbits was investigated. The optimal amount of added EDTA-2Na, Cap-Na and Sal-Na with respect to HuIFN-beta was examined for nasal absorption in the powder dosage form. Formulations of HuIFN-beta with GC-Na showed greatly enhanced intranasal HuIFN-beta absorption, as compared to the other absorption promoters. The results of a stability study on HuIFN-beta in homogenates of nasal mucosa suggested that GC-Na behaved as a hydrolysis inhibitor in the nasal mucosa and maintained the activity of HuIFN-beta.[1]


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