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An in vitro system for the editing of apolipoprotein B mRNA.

A novel form of RNA editing generates two forms of apolipoprotein B (apo-B) mRNA by converting C at nucleotide 6666 to U or a U-like base. We have established an in vitro system for the editing of apo-B mRNA using synthetic RNAs and S100 extracts from rat hepatoma cells. Editing was detected by a sensitive primer extension assay and confirmed by DNA sequencing. The in vitro editing activity is specific and sensitive to proteinase K. Apo-B100 RNAs were synthesized in vitro from deletion mutants spanning nucleotide 6666. Synthetic RNAs containing 2383, 483, and 55 nucleotides of apo-B mRNA sequence were edited in vitro with similar efficiency, but an RNA containing 26 nucleotides was not edited.[1]


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