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Cytoplasmic, nuclear, membrane-bound and secreted [35S]methionine-labelled polypeptide pattern in differentiating fibroblast stem cells in vitro.

Methods for the selective enrichment of various subpopulations of the human skin fibroblast cell line HH-8 have been developed. These methods permit the selection of homogeneous populations of the three mitotic fibroblast cell types MF I, II and III, and the four postmitotic cell types PMF IV, V, VI and VII. These seven cell types exhibit differentiation-dependent and cell-type-specific patterns of [35S]methionine-labelled polypeptides in total soluble cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins, also in membrane-bound proteins, and in secreted proteins. In the differentiation sequence MF II-MF III-PMF IV - PMF V - PMF VI 14 cell-type-specific marker proteins have been found in the cytoplasmic and nuclear fraction, also 24 cell-type-specific marker proteins have been found in the membrane-bound protein fraction, and 11 cell-type-specific marker proteins in the secreted protein fraction. Markers in spontaneously arising and experimentally selected or induced populations of a single fibroblast cell type were found to be identical.[1]


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