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Localization of cellular src mRNA during development and in the differentiated bipolar neurons of the adult neural retina in Xiphophorus.

The expression of the c-src gene in embryonic and adult tissue of the teleost fish Xiphophorus helleri was analyzed by in-situ hybridization. The highly conserved fish c-src gene was found to be expressed at high levels in midterm embryos, where c-src mRNA was localized in developing neurons of the sensory layer of the differentiating retina and in the developing brain. In adult tissues the expression of c-src was found to persist in certain cell types of the brain and the neural retina, especially in the bipolar cells of the inner nuclear layer, which are postmitotic, fully differentiated mature neurons. Thus c-src in Xiphophorus appears to be a developmentally regulated proto-oncogene which is important for neuronal differentiation during organogenesis, but whose persistence of expression in certain terminally differentiated neurons strongly suggests a particular maintenance function for c-src in these cells as well.[1]


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