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Histopathological features of recurrent pleomorphic xanthoastrocytomas: further corroboration of the glial nature of this neoplasm. A study of 3 cases.

Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma (PXA), a tumor most often presenting superficially over the cerebral hemisphere of young subjects, has certain morphological similarities to fibrous histiocytoma (or fibrous xanthoma) of the meninges and brain, namely the occurrence of lipid-laden neoplastic cells and, frequently, a dense reticulin fiber network. The detection of glial fibrillary acidic ( GFA) protein in the tumor cells helped to establish its astrocytic derivation, but it has been advanced that, in spite of this agreed observation, the tumor should still be regarded as a fibrous xanthoma of meningeal origin. Although many patients have a long symptom-free postoperative survival, local recurrences at varying intervals after surgery have been noted in some instances. Weldon-Linne et al. first reported that such a recurrence had the morphology of a small-cell glioblastoma. We are reporting three further examples of locally recurrent neoplasms in patients whose original meningocerebral tumors had the typical features of PXA; the recurrences (developing 7 months, 7 years and 15 years, respectively, after surgery) were small-cell glioblastomas. The rich reticulin network present in the initial tumor was mostly lost in the recurrences. This anaplastic evolution further confirms the astrocytic nature of the PXA.[1]


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