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Disease relevance of Meninges

  • Since acute fat embolism may produce lesions not only in the white matter of the brain, but also in the cord, the retina, the meninges, and the skin, and since all these have been described in MS, subacute fat embolism may be the cause of MS [1].
  • Although PGDS has been identified recently in rat leptomeninges, little information is available about human meninges or meningiomas [2].
  • SJL IL-10(-/-) mice with high numbers of PLP(139-151)-specific precursors in the repertoire did not develop spontaneous EAE, but when they were injected with pertussis toxin, they showed atypical clinical signs of EAE with small numbers of typical mononuclear cell infiltrates predominantly in the meninges [3].
  • Nonabsorptive hydrocephalus may have resulted from deposition of cystine in the meninges [4].
  • BACKGROUND: We postulated a model in which cell-free CSF virions originate from two major sources, namely, systemic non-CNS and CNS tissues, the latter including brain parenchyma and meninges [5].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Meninges


Biological context of Meninges


Anatomical context of Meninges

  • By 6 months of age, MRL/Mp-lpr/lpr mice developed prominent mononuclear cell infiltrates restricted to the choroid plexus and meninges, whereas congeneric MRL/Mp- +/+ mice (which lack the lpr gene) showed delayed but widespread inflammatory infiltrates involving cerebral vessels and meninges, with sparing of the choroid plexus [22].
  • Some MBP-CFA-challenged resistant rats showed minimal inflammation in the central nervous system, which was, however, confined to the meninges of the lower spinal cord [23].
  • MRI showed a marked enhancement throughout her meninges and ependyma, and TTR amyloid deposition was confirmed by meningeal biopsy [24].
  • The IL-1 beta-induced increases in vessel permeability in the meninges, parenchyma, and choroid plexus were polymorphonuclear neutrophil dependent, since leukocyte depletion by irradiation or polymorphonuclear neutrophil anti-serum pre-treatment eliminated the response in the juvenile animals and in the adults [19].
  • Prior studies have documented these concentrations of cefamandole in cerebrospinal fluid in the presence of inflamed meninges [25].

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Gene context of Meninges

  • Finally, the administration of neutralizing mAb specific for TNF-alpha and GM-CSF increased mortality in C. neoformans-infected mice, and induced the rapid progression of disease with involvement of the brain and meninges [31].
  • Finally, histological examination in hydrocephalic mice undergoing HGF treatment revealed reduction of collagen fibers in the meninges and normalization of their structures [32].
  • Finally, pattern formation requires the integrity of the external limiting membrane, defects of which lead to overmigration of neurons in meninges and to human type 2 lissencephaly [33].
  • A recent study on the relative disappearance of MAG versus MBP in primary and recurrent lesions of Theiler's infection had shown that numerous mononuclear cells in meninges and perivascular spaces specifically bound anti-MAG antibody [34].
  • During embryonic brain development, Hlf expression was restricted to the anterior pituitary and meninges [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Meninges


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