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Chemical Compound Review

Reticuline     1-[(3-hydroxy-4-methoxy- phenyl)methyl]-6...

Synonyms: CHEMBL464734, SureCN147596, CHEBI:26533, AC1L1URK, LS-86186, ...
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Anatomical context of Reticulin

  • Ex vivo studies demonstrated that TGF-beta1 significantly enhances the production and deposition of reticulin and collagen fibers by BM fibroblasts [1].
  • Our family study shows that healthy reticulin-antibody-positive first-degree relatives of coeliac disease patients, irrespective of the state of the jejunal mucosa, are genetically similar to known coeliac disease patients [3].
  • It is characterized by a sustained proliferation of megakaryocytes and increased medullary reticulin fibers [19].
  • We conclude that green light epifluorescence microscopy identifies extracellular deposits of eosinophil granules in bone marrow biopsies of some neoplastic disorders and in diseases associated with reticulin fibrosis [20].
  • After 3 to 4 months, polycythemia regressed, abnormally shaped red blood cells and platelets were seen in circulation, and a deposition of reticulin fibers was observed in marrow and spleen [21].

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