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Two bovine genes for cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV: a processed pseudogene and an expressed gene.

We have isolated and analyzed 17 clones from a bovine genomic library in phage lambda Charon28 probed with a bovine liver cDNA for cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV. Restriction enzyme mapping and Southern analysis indicated that these clones represent only two genomic regions. One region was shown by nucleotide sequencing to contain a subunit IV pseudogene of the processed type. The other class of clones contained the 5' region of a putative expressed gene; the region consists of two exons and two introns, with one exon encoding exclusively the domain representing the presequence present on newly synthesized subunit-IV polypeptides. Genomic Southern analysis indicated that these two clones probably represent the only sequences in the bovine nucleus that share nucleotide sequence identity with the liver subunit IV cDNA when utilizing moderately stringent hybridization conditions.[1]


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