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Protein kinase activity associated with the nuclear lamina.

A nuclear lamina-enriched fraction from Ehrlich ascites tumor cells contains a tightly bound protein kinase activity, which phosphorylates in vitro the nuclear lamins, a 52-kilodalton protein, and several unknown minor components. The enzyme(s) is thermolabile, independent of Ca2+ and cAMP, and inhibited by quercetin. After treatment with 4 M urea it remains bound to the nuclear lamina in an active state, but it is irreversibly inactivated in 6 M urea. The lamin proteins are phosphorylated on serine residues. Their two-dimensional phosphopeptide maps show multiple phosphorylation sites and a considerable similarity to the phosphopeptide maps of lamins labeled in vivo. Photoaffinity labeling experiments revealed several polypeptide fractions in the nuclear lamina fraction that are candidates for the protein kinase(s).[1]


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