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Immunocytochemical localization of atrial natriuretic peptide in the venae cavae and the pulmonary veins of the rat.

In the present investigation 'atrial natriuretic peptide' ( ANP) was localized in striated myocytes of the venae cavae and the pulmonary veins in the rat by the use of immunohistochemical and immunocytochemical staining techniques. ANP was stored in granules which appeared to be morphologically similar to the 'atrial specific granules' (ASG) of the atria. In general, the amount of ASG in the great thoracic veins was less than observed in the atria, and the specific granules appeared to be more evenly distributed throughout the sarcoplasm. However, the presence of ANP-containing specific granules in the venae cavae and the pulmonary veins may suggest participation of these veins in the production and secretion of the hormone.[1]


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