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A novel method for the cloning of chromosomal mutations in a single step: isolation of two mutant alleles of envZ, an osmoregulatory gene from Escherichia coli.

We have developed a simple, rapid and powerful method for the cloning of chromosomal mutations from total cellular DNA in a single step using a plasmid carrying the cloned wild-type locus of interest and a convenient selectable marker such as antibiotic resistance. This method relies upon the ability of the cloned wild-type gene to form a heteroduplex with the mutant chromosomal locus. The plasmid from primary transformants can be screened rapidly by size; more than 50% of plasmids of the correct size contained the mutant locus. When this method was used to clone two chromosomal mutations in the envZ gene of Escherichia coli, a locus which encodes a membrane-bound sensory protein involved in the osmoregulation of outer membrane porin biosynthesis, more than 50% of the retransformants from the plasmids selected by size were found to exhibit the mutant phenotype. Preliminary characterization of these mutant alleles is discussed. This novel and powerful method should be generally applicable in any system where the cloned locus is available.[1]


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