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Water-Electrolyte Balance

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  • High levels of glutamine- and N-acetyl-L-glutamate-dependent carbamoyl phosphate synthetase activity are present in liver extracts of marine species of fish that retain high levels of urea in their tissues for the purpose of osmoregulation [29].
  • We conclude that prolonged exposure to high altitude may result in persistent impairment of osmoregulation, caused in part by an inappropriate arginine-vasopressin response to hyperosmolality [30].
  • This study suggests that gammaENaC facilitates neonatal lung liquid clearance and is critical for renal Na+ and K+ transport, and that low level Na+ transport may be sufficient for perinatal lung liquid absorption but insufficient to maintain electrolyte balance by the distal nephron [31].
  • Sorbitol, osmoregulation, and the complications of diabetes [32].
  • Among the processes which vasopressin can influence are several of significance in the symptom-complex of affective illness, including alterations in memory, changes in pain sensitivity, synchronisation of biological rhythms, the timing and quality of R.E.M. sleep, and the regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance [33].

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