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Immunoreactive tyrosine hydroxylase in the brain and pituitary gland of the platyfish.

Immunoreactive tyrosine hydroxylase (ir-TH), the rate-limiting enzyme for the synthesis of dopamine and other catecholamines, was localized in the brain and pituitary gland of sexually mature platyfish (Xiphophorus maculatus). This is the first report of ir-TH in the nucleus olfactoretinalis, an LHRH-containing nucleus in the brain which plays an important role in the development and functioning of the reproductive system in platyfish. Ir-TH was also localized in the nucleus preopticus and paraventricular organ. In the pituitary gland ir-TH is found in the prolactin cells and in some fish, in some of the gonadotropin-containing cells of the pars intermedia, but not in the gonadotrops of the pars distalis. The localization of ir-TH in brain centers and pituitary cells associated with reproductive system regulation is discussed in the context of the interaction of monamines, neuropeptides and pituitary hormones during the maturation and operation of the brain-pituitary-gonadal axis.[1]


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