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Treatment of diarrhoea in Indonesian children: what it costs and who pays for it.

The annual economic burden of diarrhoea in four subdistricts in Indonesia averaged $2.27 per child aged under 5 years when health centre, hospital, and private expenditures were all considered. The community itself spent $1.03 per child or 46% of the total; 96% of community payments went to the private sector, and 4% were for fees at government health centres and hospitals. The widespread availability of oral rehydration therapy has led to only partial abandonment of ineffective or marginally effective medications; non-rehydration medications amounted to 44% of total treatment expenditures. Most medication costs were for antimicrobial agents, such as tetracycline in the government sector and iodochlorhydroxyquin in the private sector. If the use of tetracycline at health centres could be restricted to 10% of episodes treated instead of the present 88%, their costs could be reduced by 50%.[1]


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