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Convulsant properties of L-glutamic acid di-tert butyl ester.

Glutamic acid di-tert butyl ester (GTBE) was found to have a pronounced convulsant effect in mice and rats, producing recurrent clonic convulsions combined with postural and respiratory disturbances in a dosage of 0.5 mmol/kg (148 mg/kg). Tert-butyl ester derivatives of aspartic acid and alanine, and glutamic acid gamma-benzyl ester did not produce seizures. Various other glutamate esters, such as glutamic acid diethyl ester and glutamic acid dimethyl ester, have previously been found to have anticonvulsant effects, and also do not induce seizures. It is suggested that glutamic acid di-tert butyl ester may have specific pharmacological properties which differ from those of other known convulsant drugs.[1]


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