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Gene Review

Tert  -  telomerase reverse transcriptase

Mus musculus

Synonyms: EST2, TCS1, TP2, TR, TRT, ...
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Disease relevance of Tert

  • Constitutive expression of tert in thymocytes leads to increased incidence and dissemination of T-cell lymphoma in Lck-Tert mice [1].
  • The radioprotecting effect was also noticed on the inhibition of macrophages migration in the X-ray irradiated rat inoculated with TH Salmonella typhi vaccine and treated with TP2 or with lipidic extract Timosterin B [2].
  • Administration of the TP2 extract containing thymic polypeptides of low molecular weight (under 10,000 daltons) was found to stimulate the delayed hypersensitivity reaction in guinea-pigs injected with BCG [3].

High impact information on Tert


Biological context of Tert


Anatomical context of Tert

  • In the present study, therefore, we attempted to establish human cementoblast-like cell lines by transfection with telomerase catalytic subunit hTERT gene [14].
  • Of the 'latent' viral functions investigated, only one (TP2) of the episomally-specific genes that encode terminal proteins (TP1 and TP2) is found to be expressed in the C15 epithelial cell tumour environment, whereas both are transcribed--as different, but related, messengers--in a B-cell line generated with virus from the C15 tumour [15].
  • Plasmas were incubated in the presence of a purified monoclonal antibody TP2 (Mab TP2) that neutralizes the activity of CETP [16].
  • Expression of mouse telomerase catalytic subunit mTERT gene in testis of SD rats and its significance [17].

Associations of Tert with chemical compounds

  • Tert-butyl ester derivatives of aspartic acid and alanine, and glutamic acid gamma-benzyl ester did not produce seizures [18].
  • The Fab fragments of TP2 caused partial (50%) inhibition of CE transfer and complete inhibition of TG transfer by the CETP [19].

Regulatory relationships of Tert


Other interactions of Tert

  • Here, we demonstrate that the telomerase RNA component Terc is necessary to mediate these effects of Tert overexpression [10].
  • Here, we studied the aging and spontaneous cancer incidence of mice with transgenic telomerase expression in a wide range of adult tissues, K5-Tert mice [11].
  • We further observed that the embryonic lethality of TIN2 mutant mice was not affected by inactivation of the telomerase reverse transcriptase gene, indicating that embryonic lethality is not the result of telomerase-dependent changes in telomere length or function [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tert


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