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Role of exercise thallium 201 imaging in decision making.

This prospective study examined the impact of results of exercise thallium 201 imaging on the estimation of probability of coronary artery disease (CAD) and patient management among cardiologists and internists in our institution. Before exercise testing, the probability of CAD in the 100 patients enrolled in this study was considered low in 31, intermediate in 28, and high in 41 patients. The probability of CAD after exercise thallium imaging was different in four patients (10%) in the high group, 22 patients (79%) in the intermediate group, and three patients (10%) in the low group. Further, the results of exercise testing resulted in changes in patient management in 29 patients (71%) in the high group, 26 patients (93%) in the intermediate group, and 16 patients (52%) in the low group. Overall, the management changed in 71% of the patients. This change included changes in medications, physical activity, frequency of office visits, need for cardiac catheterization, and need for coronary arterial bypass grafting. Thus, exercise thallium imaging is useful in clinical decision making: the diagnostic certainty is improved in patients with intermediate pretest probability of CAD; and some degree of change in patient management is observed, even in patients in whom the probability of CAD is not altered.[1]


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