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The antimicrobial effect of fluorides (acidulated phosphate, sodium and stannous) on Actinomyces viscosus.

The effect of three commercially prepared fluoride compounds (acidulated phosphate fluoride 1.23% F-, stannous fluoride 0.4%, and sodium fluoride 0.05%) diluted to various concentrations with brain heart infusion broth, on the growth of five strains of Actinomyces viscosus following 1 and 24 hours' exposure to the fluorides was studied. Results demonstrated that SnF2 was the most effective growth inhibitor of the organisms at 500 ppm F- after 1 hour and at 100 ppm F- after 24 hours' exposure. APF and NaF were not effective within a 1 hour exposure period, but did suppress growth of the organisms at 200 ppm in the cultures exposed for 24 hours.[1]


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