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Pentothal protection for delay cerebral revascularization.

Thiopentone (20 mg/kg/bolus and 20 mg/kg/three hours) was effective in preventing infarction in five dogs with six hours of middle cerebral occlusion. Nine control animals sustained massive to large infarctions. Utilizing this regime therapeutic blood levels were rapidly attained for over 12 hours without side effects. From the experimental and human experience with focal cerebral ischaemia, there appears to be a finite grace period in which cerebral revascularization can be undertaken. In canine and primate models this time has been about five hours, following which the infarction process may not be reversible (Sundt et al. 1977, Laha et al. 1978). Seeking to prolong this grace period, thiopentone was selected as an ideal drug for this purpose, and its effect on the revascularized canine middle cerebral distribution was evaluated at six hours following embolectomy.[1]


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