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Recombinations between IRP and cystic fibrosis.

A candidate gene for cystic fibrosis was recently isolated by selective cloning of HpaII-tiny-fragment islands; it maps considerably closer to CF than does MET or D7S8 (pJ3.11), and DNA polymorphisms from this region are in marked disequilibrium with CF. cDNA cloning has shown that this protein has a growth factor-like structure and shows homology to the murine and human proto-oncogene int-1; it is designated IRP (int-1-related protein). DNA sequences from the IRP locus that recognize RFLPs are proving to be highly informative for prenatal diagnosis. We report five crossovers that have been identified which occur either within the IRP locus or between IRP and CF; these recombinants demonstrate that CF maps between the DNA markers D7S8 and KM.19.[1]


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