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Effect of the glutathione S-transferase inhibitor, tienilic acid, on biliary excretion of sulphobromophthalein.

Tienilic acid, a phenoxyacetic acid diuretic, reduces the amount of total sulphobromophthalein ( BSP) excretion in the isolated perfused rat liver (IPRL). This reduction was primarily by reduction in excretion of conjugated BSP, with excretion of unchanged BSP being relatively unaffected. TA also reduces the amount of conjugated BSP formed in vitro, indicating that its effect in the IPRL may be by means of inhibiting the glutathione S-transferase enzymes involved in the formation of the conjugate. It would appear that a reduction in the biliary excretion of BSP cannot be taken to be an indication of reduced liver function in a general sense.[1]


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