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Chemical Compound Review

Selacryn     2-(2,3-dichloro-4-thiophen-2- ylcarbonyl...

Synonyms: Diflurex, Ticrex, Ticrynafen, Thienylic acid, Tienilic acid, ...
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  • Tienilic acid hepatitis sera that were preadsorbed on microsomes from untreated rats (to remove autoantibodies), poorly recognized untreated hepatocytes in flow cytometry experiments, but better recognized tienilic acid-treated hepatocytes [9].
  • Hemodialysis (5 hr) reduced levels of ticrynafen by 38% but had less effect on metabolite levels [18].
  • Application of this HPLC/ESI-MS technique made the detection of the covalent modification to P450 2C9 following mechanism-based inactivation by tienilic acid possible [26].
  • METHODS: In normotensive eyes, facility (perfusion) was measured shortly before and after bolus or exchange intracameral infusion of ticrynafen or vehicle in opposite eyes, and 3.5 to 4.5 hours after 5 days of twice-daily 2% ticrynafen or vehicle ointment [19].
  • Urinary output and serum or plasma levels of ticrynafen and its two metabolites were measured in specimens from human volunteers receiving one 250-mg tablet [27].


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