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Effectiveness of combined preventive methods on erupting teeth in children in a fluoridated community.

Several preventive methods were used in combination to reduce dental caries in children residing in a fluoridated area. The method included dental health education, prophylaxis, pit and fissure sealants, topical fluoride and restorative care. Prophylaxis, sealant and fluoride procedures were repeated every 6 months. Sealant was applied to all fully erupted caries free posterior teeth in the mouth. This report compares results obtained for teeth that erupted after the study began with those teeth that were already present at the time treatment procedures were applied. Percent reductions in caries increment for newly erupted teeth at the end of 3 years for treated 6th graders was 77.5% in DMFT and 79.2% DMFS as compared to 71% and 58.3% for previously erupted teeth. Results for children in 1st grade did not how such beneficial results. Permanent first molars in younger children appear to be highly susceptible to caries. Sealant retention for newly erupted teeth follows the same pattern as for teeth previously erupted.[1]


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