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Differentiation of PC12 phaeochromocytoma cells induced by v-src oncogene.

PC12 rat phaeochromocytoma cells are a model system that can be used to study both neuronal differentiation and the mechanism of action of nerve growth factor (NGF). PC12 cells respond to NGF protein by shifting from a chromaffin-cell-like phenotype to a neurite-bearing sympathetic neurone-like phenotype. Here we present data on the effect of infection of PC12 cells with retroviruses carrying the src oncogene of Rous sarcoma virus. Previous studies have demonstrated that the expression of src severely affects the synthesis and accumulation of differentiated cell products in a variety of cell types. We show that in the PC12 cell system, expression of v-src appears to have an inductive effect on differentiation that resembles the action of a 'physiological' growth factor.[1]


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