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Characterization of ectonucleotidases on vascular smooth-muscle cells.

We compared the properties of the ectonucleotidases (nucleoside triphosphatase, EC; nucleoside diphosphatase, EC; 5'-nucleotidase, EC in intact pig aortic smooth-muscle cells in culture with the properties that we previously investigated for ectonucleotidases of aortic endothelial cells [Cusack, Pearson & Gordon (1983) Biochem. J. 214, 975-981]. In experiments with nucleotide phosphorothioate diastereoisomers, stereoselective catabolism of adenosine 5'-[beta-thio]triphosphate, but not of adenosine 5'-[alpha-thio]triphosphate, by the triphosphatase and stereoselective catabolism of adenosine 5'-[alpha-thio]diphosphate by the diphosphatase were found, as occurs in endothelial cells. In contrast with endothelial ecto-5'-nucleotidase, the smooth-muscle-cell enzyme catabolized adenosine 5'-monophosphorothioate (AMPS) to adenosine: the affinity of the enzyme for AMPS was greater than for AMP, and Vmax for AMPS was about one-sixth that for AMP. In both cell types AMPS was an apparently competitive inhibitor of AMP catabolism by 5'-nucleotidase. The relative rates of catabolism of nucleotide enantiomers in which the natural D-ribofuranosyl moiety is replaced by an L-ribofuranosyl moiety were similar to those in endothelial cells. No ectopyrophosphatase activity was detected in smooth-muscle cells, in contrast with endothelial cells, where modest activity is present.[1]


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