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DNA sequence recognition by under-methylated analogues of triostin A.

Two new analogues of TANDEM (des-N-tetramethyl triostin A) have been synthesised in an effort to elucidate the molecular basis of DNA nucleotide sequence recognition in this series of compounds. Their binding preferences have been investigated by DNAase I footprinting and differential inhibition of restriction nuclease attack. The presence of a single N-methyl group on only one valine residue (in [N-MeVal4] TANDEM) abolishes the ability to recognise DNA, presumably because this antibiotic analogue has suffered an unfavourable conformational change in the depsipeptide ring. A bis-methylated analogue, [N-MeCys3, N-MeCys7]TANDEM, was found to interact quite strongly with DNA and afforded binding sites, rich in AT residues, identical to those of TANDEM. Footprinting with various DNA fragments of known sequence showed that this analogue recognises sequences containing the dinucleotide TpA, although we cannot exclude the possibility that it binds to ApT as well. [N-MeCys3, N-MeCys7]TANDEM inhibits cutting by RsaI, a restriction enzyme that recognises GTAC but not by Sau3AI which recognises GATC. This provides further supportive evidence that the ligand (and, by extension, TANDEM itself) prefers binding to sequences containing the dinucleotide step TpA.[1]


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