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Evidence that centre 2 in Escherichia coli fumarate reductase is a [4Fe-4S]cluster.

Redox titrations of the iron-sulphur clusters in fumarate reductase purified from Escherichia coli, monitored by ESR spectroscopy, identified three redox events, similar to those observed in other fumarate reductases and succinate dehydrogenases: Centre 1, a [2Fe-2S] cluster, at g = 2.03, 1.93, appeared on reduction with Em = -20 mV. Centre 3, probably a [3Fe-xS] cluster, at g = 2.02 appeared in the oxidized state with Em = -70 mV. Centre 2 has been observed as an increase in the electron-spin relaxation of Centre 1. It titrates as an n = 1 species with Em = -320 mV, but in our hands did not appear to contribute significant intensity to the g = 2.03, 1.93 signal. It therefore appears to be an additional centre which undergoes spin-spin interaction with Centre 1. The reduction of Centre 2 coincided with the appearance of an extremely broad ESR spectrum, observed at temperatures below 20 K, with features at g = 2.17, 1.9, 1.68. The broad signal was observed in both soluble and membrane-bound preparations. Its midpoint potential was -320 mV. Its integrated intensity was approximately equal to that of Centre 1, if its broad outer wings were taken into account. Consideration of the ESR properties of this signal, together with the amino acid sequence of the frdB subunit of the enzyme, indicates that Centre 2 is a [4Fe-4S] cluster which, in its reduced state, enhances the spin relaxation of the [2Fe-2S] Centre 1.[1]


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