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Biochemical and physicochemical determinations in a premyelin fraction obtained by zonal centrifugation in normal mouse and in dysmyelinating mutants (quaking, shiverer, and myelin-deficient).

Myelin and premyelin material denser than myelin were obtained from quaking (Qk), shiverer (Shi), and myelin-deficient (mld) mutant and control mice, using zonal centrifugation on zonal rotor. On these fractions, we performed biochemical analysis (lipids and fatty acid), and, in parallel, we determined the physical structure of membranes by the spin-label method. The hyperfine splitting constant (2 Tll) was used to determine the order of membranes and their rigidity, and frequency of rotation (Vc) was used to measure fluidity. In control mice, the premyelin material contained a lesser amount of sphingolipids than pure myelin, but the relative proportions between hydroxy- and nonhydroxy-cerebroside and sulfatides were similar in the premyelin material and in pure myelin. The premyelin material contained half the alkanes found in the pure myelin and much less very-long-chain fatty acids. The (2 Tll) was lower in the premyelin material, but the (Vc) was similar in myelin and premyelin material. In mutants, the amount of material recovered in the premyelin fraction was reduced in qk, and increased in both shi and mld. The relative amount of sphingolipids were normal in mld, but not in shi mutants, especially in cerebrosides formed with alpha-hydroxylated fatty acids and sulfatides formed with unsubstituted fatty acids. The absolute amounts of sphingolipids were nearly normal in both shi and mld. In the premyelin fraction from qk mutants, both relative and absolute amounts of sphingolipids were drastically altered. In percentage, cerebrosides and sulfatides formed with nonhydroxyfatty acids were dramatically reduced, and, conversely, cerebrosides and sulfatides formed with hydroxyfatty acids were increased. In terms of absolute amount, only cerebrosides and sulfatides formed with nonhydroxyfatty acids were dramatically reduced. In the premyelin fraction, polyunsaturated fatty acids were increased in shi and mld, but decreased in qk. In this mutant, lignoceric (24:0) and nervonic (24:1) acids were drastically reduced. The amount of alkanes in the premylin material from qk and mld was reduced by 50%. The shi fraction was nearly free of alkanes. The maximal apparent coupling constant (hyperfine splitting constant, 2 Tll) was not affected in the mld and qk mutant, but was reduced in the shi mutant premyelin fraction. The Vc was dramatically increased in the qk, slightly decreased in the shi, and close to control in the mld. This work provides additional data on premyelin material prepared in various neurological mutants using continuous gradients in zonal rotor.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)[1]


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