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Gene Review

Mbp  -  myelin basic protein

Mus musculus

Synonyms: C76307, Hmbpr, MBP, Myelin A1 protein, Myelin basic protein, ...
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Disease relevance of Mbp


Psychiatry related information on Mbp

  • Shiverer clearly showed deficits in successive reversal learning, while mld showed less deficits in the learning performance [6].

High impact information on Mbp


Chemical compound and disease context of Mbp


Biological context of Mbp

  • Regulation of cytoskeleton by myelin components: studies on shiverer oligodendrocytes carrying an Mbp transgene [16].
  • The present work demonstrates that these IL6RIL6-treated F10.9 cells undergo transdifferentiation to a myelinating glial phenotype characterized by induction of the transcriptional activities of both Po and MBP promoters and accumulation of myelin gene products [17].
  • These results indicate that the jp, jpmsd, and qk mutations exhibit qualitatively similar phenotypic effects on MBP gene expression but the magnitude of the effect is proportional to the extent of hypomyelination in each mutant [18].
  • Additionally, major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and class II mRNA levels were increased in the CNS of MBP/IFN-gamma transgenic mice, and the increase in MHC class I mRNA expression was detected in both white and gray matter regions [19].
  • Thus, cytokine plasmid treatment appeared to inhibit MBP-specific pathogenic Thl responses, while enhancing endogenous secretion of protective cytokines [20].

Anatomical context of Mbp


Associations of Mbp with chemical compounds

  • Doxycycline-regulated overexpression of C/EBP-delta was sufficient to induce accumulation of P0 and MBP mRNAs, the effect being selective, because C/EBP-delta did not affect several other genes strongly regulated by IL6RIL6 [22].
  • Comparing the extent of total methylation in vivo (sum of all three arginine derivatives), MBP extracted from less-compact myelin (P3A and P3B) showed a level approx. 40% higher than that from compact myelin [23].
  • By contrast, the concentrations of P0 glycoprotein and myelin basic proteins were reduced to 27% and 20% of control levels, respectively [24].
  • MBPs isolated from dysmyelinating mutant mouse brains, such as jimpy (jp/y) and quaking (qk/qk), contained a much higher level of Me2(asym)Arg relative to the other two methyl derivatives and also in comparison with those levels in the mother brain MBP [23].
  • The amounts of NG-methylarginine derivatives in myelin basic protein (MBP) purified from dysmyelinating mutant and different stages of normal myelinating mouse brains have been studied by using h.p.l.c. with a highly sensitive post-column o-phthaldialdehyde derivative-formation method [23].

Physical interactions of Mbp


Enzymatic interactions of Mbp


Regulatory relationships of Mbp

  • Pax3 repressed a 1.3 kb MBP promoter fragment in cotransfection assays, suggesting that it represses MBP transcription [35].
  • In contrast to oral tolerization, s.c. immunization of transgenic animals with MBP in complete Freund's adjuvant induced IFN-gamma-secreting Th1 cells in vitro and experimental encephalomyelitis in vivo [1].
  • Inhibition of female T cell contact-mediated microglial expression of proinflammatory molecules by dominant-negative mutants of p65 and C/EBPbeta suggest that female MBP-primed T cells induce microglial expression of proinflammatory molecules through the activation of NF-kappaB and C/EBPbeta [3].
  • MBP mRNA levels remained well below control levels in jp/Y brain polyribosomes throughout early postnatal development [36].
  • Our data suggest that incorporation of this MOBP isoform into shiverer myelin may be influenced by the presence of MBP or be a consequence of a disrupted MDL [37].

Other interactions of Mbp

  • At monthly intervals after immunization with p139-151, responses to PLP 249-273, MBP 87-99, and PLP 137-198 were sequentially accumulated in al mice examined [38].
  • An inverse correlation was observed between expression of Pax3 RNA and myelin basic protein (MBP) [35].
  • Furthermore, the developmental change between the two molecular forms of MAG (p72MAG/p67MAG) was delayed in mld mice [39].
  • However, the data suggest the presence of a peptide core between MBP 21-26 (HARHGF), which contains similar elements to the previously defined encephalitogenic MOG 1-22 and PLP 56-70 peptides [40].
  • These studies suggest that microglial activation of C/EBPbeta but not NF-kappaB by T cell:microglial contact is a gender-specific event and that male MBP-primed T cells are not capable of inducing microglial expression of proinflammatory molecules due to their inability to induce the activation of C/EBPbeta in microglia [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mbp

  • In the present study, we investigated the cellular requirements for the generation of active suppression following oral administration of MBP in SJL and (PLJ x SJL)F1 mice [2].
  • Total messenger RNA (mRNA) and myelin basic protein (MBP)-specific mRNA from brains of these three mutants have been analyzed by in vitro translation and immunoprecipitation with antibody to MBP [18].
  • The MBP-related polypeptides that accumulate in vivo have also been analyzed in the three mutants by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) followed by immunoblotting with antibody to MBP [18].
  • However, MBP and PLP polypeptides could not be detected by western blot or immunocytochemical staining at either the permissive or nonpermissive temperature [41].
  • In general, the MBP mRNA levels measured directly by Northern blot and "dot" blot analyses correlated well with the indirect in vitro translation measurements [36].


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