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Cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase in diabetes. Effect of glyburide.

Low-Michaelis constant cAMP phosphodiesterase (PDE; EC3.1.4.C) activity is inhibited in tissues of rats with type I ketosis-prone diabetes and is restored to normal by insulin treatment. To determine whether the oral hypoglycemic agent glyburide affected tissue cAMP PDE activity in non-insulin-dependent oral agent-treatable diabetes, cAMP PDE activity was measured in the liver and fat of animals rendered diabetic by low-dose streptozocin (STZ-DM) and treated for 3 wk with oral glyburide (360 micrograms/kg). The results were compared with PDE activity in the liver and fat of untreated STZ-DM and normal control rats. At the time of death, low-Km cAMP PDE activity [as maximum velocity (Vmax)] in STZ-DM rats was decreased to 66% of control values in the liver and to 65% in fat (P less than .001). PDE activity was restored toward normal by glyburide treatment: 91% in the liver (P less than .01) and 80% in fat (P less than .05). Calmodulin and calmodulin-like activity (PDE-activator activity) in the liver and fat was decreased in diabetes and restored toward normal after glyburide treatment (P less than .05). These data demonstrate that oral agents as well as insulin can restore the activity of cAMP PDE in the low-dose STZ-DM model, which is in some ways similar to type II diabetes.[1]


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