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KAR1, a gene required for function of both intranuclear and extranuclear microtubules in yeast.

Molecular analysis of the KAR1 gene of yeast has shown that it is required for both mitosis and conjugation. The gene was originally identified by mutations that prevent nuclear fusion. By in vitro mutagenesis and gene replacement we have demonstrated that the gene is an essential cell division cycle gene. Temperature-sensitive mutant strains show defects in spindle pole body duplication and chromosome disjunction. Overproduction of the gene product blocks spindle pole body duplication, producing a cell cycle arrest phenotype similar to that of the Kar- temperature-sensitive mutations. Long, aberrant extranuclear microtubules are formed in the temperature-sensitive mutants arrested at the nonpermissive temperature as well as in kar1-1 during conjugation. These observations suggest that the KAR1 gene is required for the normal function of both the intranuclear and extranuclear microtubules.[1]


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