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Minor-groove-modified oligonucleotides: synthesis of decadeoxynucleotides containing hypoxanthine, N2-methylguanine and 3-deazaadenine, and their interactions with restriction endonucleases Bgl II, Sau, 3AI, and Mbo I (Nucleosides and Nucleotides Part 75).

Decadeoxynucleotides containing hypoxanthine, N2-methylguanine, 3-deazaadenine in the recognition sequences of restriction endonucleases Bgl II, Sau 3AI, and Mbo I were synthesized. These decanucleotides modified in the base moieties facing in to the minor groove were strongly resistant to hydrolysis by Bgl II and partially resistant to that of Sau 3AI and Mbo I. The decadeoxynucleotide containing 3-deazaadenine in place of adenine was bound to Bgl II strongly, whereas the nucleotides containing hypoxanthine and N2-methylguanine were bound less tightly.[1]


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