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Protective effect of amdinocillin against emergence of resistance to ceftazidime in Enterobacter cloacae.

Enterobacter cloacae infections have been shown clinically to respond less reliably to monotherapy with broad-spectrum cephalosporins than was initially expected. Selection of populations producing high levels of beta-lactamase has been shown to be the most frequent reason for treatment failure, and the use of these agents with another active antibiotic is recommended. In this study, E. cloacae strains from clinical specimens susceptible to ceftazidime and amdinocillin by broth dilution and disk tests were examined. In the presence of ceftazidime at 10 micrograms/ml, in vitro selection of resistant organisms was demonstrated for 3 of 11 strains. Selection was prevented when amdinocillin was added in combination. A more rapid killing was also demonstrated with this combination. At inocula of 10(8) CFU/ml, ceftazidime-resistant populations were isolated from 6 of 11 strains in vitro, and the emergence of this resistance was prevented by amdinocillin. The enhanced killing effect noted for amdinocillin with ceftazidime may have resulted in part from complementary activity of the antibiotics on penicillin-binding proteins. The ceftazidime-amdinocillin combination offers an interesting prospect for the therapy of infections caused by E. cloacae strains which are initially susceptible to both antibiotics.[1]


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