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Treatment Failure

 Lipton,  Ali,  Leitzel,  Demers,  Chinchilli,  Engle,  Harvey,  Brady,  Nalin,  Dugan,  Carney,  Allard,  Lanciano,  Calkins,  Bundy,  Parham,  Lucci,  Moore,  Monk,  O'Connor,  Burger,  Hoetelmans,  Hugen,  Mulder,  Meenhorst,  Koopmans,  Brinkman,  Keuter,  Dolmans,  Hekster,  Adams,  Gheorghiade,  Uretsky,  Young,  Ahmed,  Tomasko,  Packer,  Guardiola,  Runde,  Bacigalupo,  Ruutu,  Locatelli,  Boogaerts,  Pagliuca,  Cornelissen,  Schouten,  Carreras,  Finke,  van Biezen,  Brand,  Niederwieser,  Gluckman,  de Witte,  Brabender,  Danenberg,  Metzger,  Schneider,  Park,  Salonga,  Hölscher,  Danenberg,  Mastroianni,  d'Ettorre,  Forcina,  Lichtner,  Mengoni,  D'Agostino,  Corpolongo,  Massetti,  Vullo,  Schirren,  Zachoval,  Gerlach,  Ulsenheimer,  Gruener,  Diepolder,  Baretton,  Schraut,  Rau,  Nitschko,  Pape,  Jung,  Johnson,  Manges,  O'Bryan,  Riley,  Vorwerk,  Mohnike,  Wex,  Röhl,  Zimmermann,  Blum,  Mittler,  Latil,  Bièche,  Vidaud,  Lidereau,  Berthon,  Cussenot,  Vidaud,  Martínez-Jabaloyas,  Gil-Salom,  Villamón-Fort,  Pastor-Hernández,  Martínez-García,  García-Sisamón,  Piketty,  Gérard,  Chazallon,  Marcelin,  Clavel,  Taburet,  Calvez,  Madelaine-Chambrin,  Molina,  Aboulker,  Girard,  Niewoehner,  Erbland,  Deupree,  Collins,  Gross,  Light,  Anderson,  Morgan,  Xing,  Westra,  Tufano,  Cohen,  Rosenbaum,  Rhoden,  Carson,  Vasko,  Larin,  Tallini,  Tolaney,  Holt,  Hui,  Umbricht,  Basaria,  Ewertz,  Tufaro,  Califano,  Ringel,  Zeiger,  Sidransky,  Ladenson,  
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Disease relevance of Treatment Failure


Psychiatry related information on Treatment Failure


High impact information on Treatment Failure


Chemical compound and disease context of Treatment Failure


Biological context of Treatment Failure


Anatomical context of Treatment Failure

  • Future research should explore combinations of FU with cisplatin, new radiosensitizers, and active drugs combined with RT to reduce the high rate of pelvic and distant treatment failure still seen in advanced cervix cancer [26].
  • Efavirenz plasma levels can predict treatment failure and central nervous system side effects in HIV-1-infected patients [27].
  • Serum IGFBP-2 was identified as an independent factor that adds additional information for the prediction of events (relapse or treatment failure) to the conventional prognostic factors such as white blood cell count and platelet count at diagnosis [28].
  • CONCLUSIONS: In patients with recurrent HCV-infection after OLTx, who receive antiviral treatment, a strong, at NS3/4 and NS5 directed and long-lasting CD4+ T cell response is associated with HCV-elimination whereas no or a weak/transient response is associated with treatment failure [29].
  • CONCLUSION: COX-2 is believed to be one of the important factors associated with lymph node involvement and treatment failure [30].

Associations of Treatment Failure with chemical compounds

  • Patients were assessed at 6 months and 12 months, or at the following early end points: drug failure (doubling of creatinine), treatment failure (respiratory or swallowing difficulty), or protocol violation (stopping medication for more than five days) [31].
  • Five per cent of patients given TMP/SMX, 8 per cent of those given TMP, and 49 per cent of those given placebo were considered treatment failures (P less than 0.001 for both active drugs as compared with placebo) [32].
  • Recurrences in eight patients with repeated treatment "failures" were more effectively suppressed with higher doses of acyclovir [33].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Time to asthma treatment failure in patients receiving salmeterol [34].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE--We examined time of clinical recovery, treatment failures, adverse experiences, and microbiologic eradication from stool of the etiologic agent in subjects randomized to receive aztreonam or placebo [35].

Gene context of Treatment Failure

  • Taken together, these data indicate that, although increased expression of the AR gene might play a key role in endocrine treatment failure, it cannot be considered as the sole actor of this unresolved dilemma, and abnormalities in ER alpha and/or ER beta expression may also modulate the growth response of prostate cancer to hormone withdrawal [36].
  • TTP, time to treatment failure, and median survival (17.2 months v 29.6 months) were also significantly shorter in the patients with elevated serum HER-2/neu levels (P <.0001) [37].
  • The multidrug resistance (MDR) phenotype is a major cause of cancer treatment failure [38].
  • Testing of molecular marker coexpression (EGFR and HER2-neu) improves the estimation of prognosis and appears to define low- and high-risk groups for treatment failure in curatively resected NSCLC [39].
  • BRAF mutation was also more frequently associated with absence of tumor I-131 avidity and treatment failure of recurrent disease [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Treatment Failure


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