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Heterogeneity of locomotion in human T cell subsets.

Locomotor activity of T cells with receptors for IgM and IgG, T cells without receptors for IgM or IgG, and T and non-T cells from human peripheral blood and human tonsils towards the chemoattractant casein was examined in modified Boyden chambers. T cells with receptors for IgG both from human tonsils and peripheral blood did not move in response to casein. T cells with receptors for IgM and those without receptors for IgM or IgG, on the other hand, moved very well toward casein and the distances were comparable to those achieved by T cells before separation. This difference in the locomotor activity of T cell subsets might explain their differential distribution in various lymphoid compartments. Separated T cells, cultured in medium supplemented with fetal calf serum, moved into the filters in response to casein. Prior culture of T cells in medium alone or in medium supplemented with human AB serum resulted in a reduction in the distance traveled in response to casein; however, the effect of AB serum was variable. Non-T cells from peripheral blood and B cells from tonsils responded poorly to casein.[1]


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