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  • In the binding assays, the numbers of FDCs bound to fibronectin- and laminin-coated dishes and LFs of cryostat sections of human tonsils were reduced markedly by pretreatment with monoclonal antibodies against CD29, CD49e, and CD49f [32].
  • Functional markers of Treg activity (indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase, TGF-beta, and CD80) were markedly increased in the tonsils of untreated patients [33].
  • Previous studies indicated that EBI3 is expressed in the spleen and tonsils, and at high levels in full-term placenta [34].
  • Furthermore, HOXC5 expression was consistently absent in reactive cutaneous lymphoid infiltrates, hyperplastic tonsils and lymph nodes, and peripheral blood lymphocytes either unstimulated or stimulated by a cocktail of CD3 and CD28 antibodies [35].
  • Extrafollicular cells expressing CCL21 and CCL24 were again more frequent in tonsils than in LNs from adults [20].

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