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Gamma-interferon inhibits collagen synthesis in vivo in the mouse.

Subcutaneous implantation of osmotic pumps into CAF1 mice resulted in the formation of thick fibrous capsules around the pumps. When pumps were loaded with recombinant murine gamma-interferon (rMuIFN-gamma) to deliver 2 X 10(3) U/h for 14 d, there was a marked decrease in thickness and collagen content of the capsules from rMuIFN-gamma-treated animals compared with capsules from animals receiving diluent alone. The collagen content of the capsules was estimated by hydroxyproline analysis of the tissue and by quantitative electron microscopy of collagen bundles. Heat-inactivated rMuIFN-gamma failed to reduce the fibrotic response in this assay. These results provide compelling evidence that gamma-interferon can down-regulate collagen synthesis in vivo and suggest the possibility that this lymphokine may be useful in the treatment of disease states characterized by excessive fibrosis.[1]


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