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Resorbable suture support for ventricular aneurysmectomy.

The edge of tissue left after ventricular aneurysmectomy requires very careful placement and tying of the sutures. The use of Teflon felt as a support appears to redistribute the pressure and thus prevent the sutures from cutting through the vulnerable tissue. In many cases, Teflon felt reinforcement is preferred to direct unsupported closure because of perioperative of immediately postoperative bleeding complications. However, the unavoidable full immobilization of the sutured area, the possible risk of foreign body infection, and the extensive adhesions and calcification in the long term compelled us to search for a better alternative, combining the convenience of both methods and limiting the risks. PDS (polydioxine) resorbable pledgets and strips, provided by Ethicon GmbH, were used as a suture support during the past 2 years for closure of 29 ventricular aneurysmectomies and four ischemic ventricular septal defects, all except one in combination with coronary bypass grafting. The PDS material was easy and efficient to apply and caused no complications during and after the operation. In one case, we had the opportunity to review the supported scar during a second operation for new coronary grafts after 18 months. The formerly feared "linear scar petrification," usual after use of Teflon felt, was absent. The scar was free from difficult adhesions. Our initial experience suggests the further extensive use of this resorbable material as a support for various sutures at risk.[1]


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