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Foreign Bodies

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  • Specifically, TSP2-null mice display improved healing with minimal scarring and form well-vascularized foreign body capsules [18].
  • Foreign body lesions showed minimal IL-1 expression [27].
  • This suggests that lack of proteolytic enzymes or TNF-alpha or IFN-gamma is not the cause of the impaired onset of the foreign-body reaction [28].
  • Further analysis revealed that the hydrophilic and anionic surfaces inhibited monocyte adhesion and IL-4-mediated macrophage fusion into foreign body giant cells (FBGCs) [29].
  • DESIGN: Immunoreactivity for CD117 (c-Kit), MITF, TRAP, and HAM-56 was studied in 35 GCTBs, 15 GCTTSs, and 5 foreign-body GC controls [30].

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