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Examination of mouse exorbital lacrimal gland after exposure to 2-chloroacetophenone vapor.

The compound 2-chloroacetophenone has been used to stimulate tear secretion from human subjects, yet the morphological response of the lacrimal gland to this agent has not been experimentally determined. This study used light and electron microscopic techniques to examine the effect of this agent with time on the morphology of the mouse exorbital lacrimal gland. In brief, exposure to 2-chloroacetophenone vapor causes rapid exocytosis of acinar cell granules as well as vacuolation of the secretory and ductal epithelial cells. Concomitantly, intralobular ductal epithelial cells which are normally cuboidal in shape, enlarge in size and release electron-dense granules into the duct lumen. Within 15 min after exposure, acinar cells show a preponderance of cells containing only pale granules and the ductal epithelium returns to a more cuboidal shape. By 60 min after exposure, the gland is not readily distinguishable from the unexposed, control gland.[1]


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