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Adenohypophyseal degradation of thyrotropin releasing hormone regulated by thyroid hormones.

Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone (TRH; pyroGlu-His-Pro-NH2) is important in the regulation of adenohypophyseal hormone secretion and also serves neurotropic functions in extra-hypothalamic brain areas, indicating that it is involved in neurotransmission and other forms of cellular communication. This hypothesis is strengthened by the observation that TRH is hydrolysed at the pyroGlu-His bond by a particulate enzyme located in the synaptosomal and adenohypophyseal plasma membrane. Furthermore, this enzyme has been identified as a heterogeneously distributed ectoenzyme which has a high degree of substrate specificity like the TRH-degrading serum enzyme studied previously. In the rat, the activity of the TRH-degrading serum enzyme has been shown to be influenced by the thyroid status of the animals; here I report that the activity of the membrane-bound TRH-degrading enzyme of the anterior pituitary is stringently controlled by thyroid hormones, but that the activity of the brain enzyme is not.[1]


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