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A GTP-binding protein required for secretion rapidly associates with secretory vesicles and the plasma membrane in yeast.

SEC4, one of the 10 genes involved in the final stage of the yeast secretory pathway, encodes a ras-like, GTP-binding protein. In wild-type cells, Sec4 protein is located on the cytoplasmic face of both the plasma membrane and the secretory vesicles in transit to the cell surface. In all post-Golgi blocked sec mutants, Sec4p is predominantly associated with the secretory vesicles that accumulate as a result of the secretory block. Sec4p is synthesized as a soluble protein that rapidly (t1/2 less than or equal to 1 min) and tightly associates with secretory vesicles and the plasma membrane by virtue of a conformational change of a covalent modification. These data suggest that Sec4p may function as a "G" protein on the vesicle surface to transduce an intracellular signal needed to regulate transport between the Golgi apparatus and the plasma membrane.[1]


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