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Relative lack of systemic effects of mometasone furoate on Langerhans cells of mice after topical administration as compared with other glucocorticosteroids.

The effects of topically applied mometasone furoate were compared with those of other glucocorticosteroids, in particular fluocinolone acetonide, in assays of murine epidermal Ia+ Langerhans cell density. No evidence of systemic effects, as determined by a decline in the density of Ia+ LC in distant sites, was detected after local topical applications (5 times a week) of mometasone furoate 0.001% for periods of up to 3 weeks. Other steroids, even in such very low concentrations, and mometasone furoate in higher concentrations, produced systemic effects on Ia+ LC when used for longer than 5 d. The recovery time of Ia+ Langerhans cells is significantly shorter after application of mometasone furoate than after fluocinolone acetonide. However, with both compounds, recovery occurred more rapidly after 3 weeks than after a 1- or 2-week interval of compound administration.[1]


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