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Administration, Topical

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  • The present studies show that topical administration of TGF-alpha or VGF in antibiotic cream to partial thickness burns (second degree) accelerated epidermal regeneration in comparison with untreated or vehicle-treated burns [7].
  • GoH3 also reduced the accumulation of DCs in draining lymph nodes by a maximum of 70% after topical administration of the chemical allergen oxazolone [8].
  • After topical administration of U66985 (1 microgram/ml), a putative PAF antagonist, responses to PAF were attenuated significantly, but responses to norepinephrine and U46619 were unchanged [9].
  • Changes in arteriolar luminal diameters in response to topical administration of vasoactive agents were quantified with an image-shearing measuring eyepiece in conjunction with a television microscope and recorder [10].
  • We have reported previously that topical administration of vascular endothelial growth factor165 (VEGF) to a microvascular bed supplied with a continuous endothelium can rapidly induce the formation of endothelial fenestrations (W. G. Roberts and G. E. Palade, J. Cell Sci., 108: 2369-2379, 1995) [11].

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