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Mandibular reconstruction with the titanium hollow screw reconstruction plate (THORP) system: evaluation of 62 cases.

The titanium hollow screw reconstruction plate (THORP) system for reconstruction of lower jaw defects provides a functional stable fixation and is used as a long-term or permanent implant in tumor surgery and in traumatology. The rigid fixation of the head of the screw to the plate, avoiding unphysiologic loads to the bone underneath the plate, and the titanium plasma-coated perforated hollow screws, enabling the development of direct bone-titanium contact as well as the ingrowth of bone into the lumen and perforations, are the major advantages of this system compared to conventional systems. The different surgical methods, such as preservation of the condylar process with only two screws, intraoperative freely adjustable condylar prosthesis, lingual application of the plate, and primary bone transplantation, are described. The evaluation of 62 patients reconstructed with the THORP system between 1981 and 1986 revealed no plate loosening, even in irradiated bone, and showed satisfactory aesthetic and functional results.[1]


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