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Bone Transplantation

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Disease relevance of Bone Transplantation


High impact information on Bone Transplantation

  • We compared tetracycline-labeled bone biopsies from these two sites in 18 white patients (12 males, 6 females, aged 26-66 years) undergoing bone grafting procedures of the wrist [6].
  • Continuous infusion of ropivacaine for pain relief after iliac crest bone grafting for shoulder surgery [7].
  • These results suggest that OCT exerts an anabolic action on bone reconstruction by allogeneic bone transplantation [8].
  • Calcium phosphate hydraulic cements are promising synthetic bone grafting materials [9].
  • Compared with the relevant contralateral controls, energy to failure was increased 3.5-fold in association with TGF-beta2 alone (p < 0.05), 4.5-fold in association with TGF-beta2 combined with BMP-2 (p < 0.01), and 2.5-fold in association with autogenous bone-grafting [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bone Transplantation


Biological context of Bone Transplantation


Anatomical context of Bone Transplantation


Associations of Bone Transplantation with chemical compounds

  • Intersomatic fusion was performed in 13 patients, corpectomy and bone grafting in 4, corpectomy and vertebral replacement with titanium cage packed with bone cement in 3, and removal of a cage in a failed fusion and bridging the defect with a strut bone graft in 1 [20].
  • Biodegradable oxidized cellulose mesh has been used in conjunction with hydroxyapatite synthetic bone grafting material to enhance retention of the graft material and to improve post-operative healing of infrabony defects treated surgically [21].
  • Replacement of the resected vertebral bodies was achieved by anterior instrumentation and the use of methylmethacrylate in twenty-one procedures (45 per cent), while bone-grafting, cement, and instrumentation in various combinations were used in the remainder [22].
  • Therefore, a large amount of biodegradable porous calcium aluminate ceramic should not be used as an alternative to autogeneous bone grafting [23].
  • Effects of cerivastatin on vascularized allogenic bone transplantation in rats treated with cyclosporine A [24].

Gene context of Bone Transplantation

  • Conventional bone grafting is usually accomplished with autogenous iliac crest bone graft that provides osteogenic cells, osteoinductive growth factors, and an osteoconductive matrix [25].
  • Bone grafting in inbred mice: evidence for H-2K, H-2D, and non-H-2 antigens in bone [26].
  • In this study we evaluated the relatively new technique of vascularized iliac bone grafting for treating ANFH [27].
  • CONCLUSION: Acetabular revision with impaction bone-grafting and a cemented cup in patients with rheumatoid arthritis had acceptable results at an average of 7.5 years postoperatively [28].
  • The method employs an alloplastic implant device made of elastomer-coated cloth mesh, used in conjunction with bone grafting [D. L. Leake and M. Habal, J. Biomed. Mater. Res., 10, 555 (1976)] [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bone Transplantation


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